Four Strings

by Swamps Ack

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Ukulele songs


released November 25, 2011



all rights reserved


Swamps Ack Honolulu, Hawaii

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Track Name: Snow
we can see through the snow if we squint hard enough
thats a lie and you know itd be retarded of us
but alas we will do things over and over again
and madness will unveil itself in the form of so called friend

they will dig inside and pull us down
when we laugh theyll cry, we made it out
it is dark in the mine where they sleep
but those monsters cant exist if we refuse to believe
Track Name: A Whore
theres nothing that you know about me
and go...
learn about the things that ive reaped
i have caused it many a time...
she will scream until the sunrise

and please.. dont listen to the screams.
my dear, dont let her in your ear
and squeeze me when you feel unsure
im here, and you know me more than her, shes a whore.

something thats unnecesarry
we can drink it like eagle eye cherry
save tonight like someone holdin onto dear life
we'll fight
every nay saying moron filled with strife

and please.. dont listen to the screams.
my dear, dont let her in your ear
and squeeze me when you feel unsure
im here, and you know me more than her, shes a whore.
Track Name: A Plan
knocked out second round, left to the right hook
hook is deep, and you wont get off the reef
not without the right book
instructions lookin cryptic, slip down to the first shelf
lookin like a misfit, carousing with the cursed well
its not like i am better, cept perhaps in everyway
you can carve it in my forehead ill leave you an unmarked grave

and why cant the normals understand
i lack nothing but a plan
Track Name: Anyway...
there were days
we said there might be better ways
those men were crazy

there were times they said that i was goin blind
i see right through them
in my own mind

i broke them all, inside my head i heard em fall
i stomped their skulls in

not the kind i do not like the kind that i
have become baby
what a way to die.
Track Name: Lose Sleep
into the deep blue sea envelop me
yah wander if he see another me
lose sleep.
i know i rip em good and well ya see
ya know ill lay ya down beneath the leaves
lose sleep.
close your pretty eyes

and rot away until they find her bones
dem say they wanna find the prick who done that to their homes
lose sleep.
and suddenly a seizure of your luck
the sound of boots a stompin on the floorboards up above god knows
ya lose sleep.

ya couldnt really fight em off
theres nothin that a bullet shot could do
the taste was bitter to the touch
ya might as well turn em loose

hooks deep ragged and asleep
drag ya to the black gonna take away ya dreams
lose sleep
look see fire to the green
set fire to the castle make the bastards come clean
lose sleep
beats me like a fatal disease
alotted me lobotomy and now im off key

lose sleep.
Track Name: How dare YOU try to talk to ME about Zombies (I liked them before you did and I love them even more SO SHUT UP YOU BANDWAGON DOUCHE!)
i liked zombies before you did
and i love them even more
fuckin bandwagon jumping children
i loved zombies before you did
i was in the zombie war
and i dont like any of this dumbshit
with cartoon depictions of the undead
and i never had a zombie hoodie
because hoodies for women that suck/RACIST PUSSIES.

i read a book called the zombie survival guide
the guy was wrong about everything it was full of lies
shoulda been called the wrong guys zombie death guide by I.M. IDIOTICA
he said "meelee" weapons dont use bullets
yeah maybe the really lame ones dont use bullets bitch
the next time i hear some asshole mention the zombie apocalypse
im gettin out my fist and hit em in the lips
shut up.
shut up about the walking dead. that show is a soap opera for old ladies.
sorry old ladies.
dont care about the comic. I DONT CARE! SHUT UP!
I'm not reading a fucking comic book that doesnt revolve
around some guy with retarded animal or plant related powers or gadgets.

i was raised on dead people eating the ones still alive
on an island spellin zombie no e just an i
dead alive i was brain dead falling asleep to their cries
evil dead head thrills or chemical spills made em rise
when the zombie was white the music was tight now its just alright
when 28 days came out it was great but they run and i sighed
return of the living was dumb as fuck zombies callin the cops
the business is serious focus on shock had enough of the schlock
you liked the resident evil movies? shut up.
will smith ruined i am legend, also irobot but thats irrelevant
i hate will smith i hate will smith. i love will smith.

the only good things the italians ever did were...
pizza westerns and zombies.
Track Name: 10 Missed Calls
staring blindly
at those numbers on the screen
ill switch you off like
so many other bitches that have come before you girl
now sun up down stars in the sky i dont know why
i hate them roofs will keep me in a state of mind
i need to get through
life because it tends to be pain
and all these motherfuckers wanna act like they know the truth
all these other motherfuckers act like they walked a thousand miles in my shoes
down motherfucker yeah you motherfucker you lose
im sorry that i missed your call again.
im sorry that im a horrible friend
im sorry that i dodged your visit
couldnt even get to hello who is this?

i got the type of mind that stabs at you and shoots and robs me blind
spinnin six guns quick in all six of her bloody hands
smoke is rising i am fine bloodshot eyes and cheap ass wine
jugs for 5 and 99 im in
judge me not lest ye be shit
blame you all and kill ya dead
rusted guns malfunctionin
slipping on an oil slick
knee high in the black ill light myself on fire then
burn all this shit to ash.
and all these bitches wanna act like they know im nice
all these bitches want to think that i am kind
and all these bitches in the end gonna pay the price
down motherfucker on your knees motherfucker you lose

im sory that i missed your call again.
im sorry that i think your traitorous
im sorry that my head is spinning
hello how bout a new beginning.
Track Name: Santa Is Just Satan Jumbled
empty out your wallet on your antibiotics
ya dont wanna get sick.
im goin back in time, call me jack delorian
glorious, im chewin on the root of valerian
staring in, capsules full of beads hit my stomach
acid eats through me like im roman islamic
terror, nonstop blue screen errors poppin
down dramamine even breathin in air hurts
stumble, t rex foot steps rumble
closed circuit mindset flyin like dumbo
mumblin a passage from a book I never read - veins
bursting out my neck and turning into sweat.
now it looks like christmas
but the kids look sick of em
friday had been blacker than an old mans requiem.
sexy huh? we throw our lives into disposal
garbage can't cry when its bein antisocial.
rogue, spring loaded knife in his sleeve
walking through the place checkin the faces in the eaves
bleed. necks give way to his blade
just gettin used to "its too bad ya cant stay"
missiles kissin toes from the land of the gold bars
standin under jets yellin allah and akbar

santa is just satan jumbled
he got a present for you its a kick to the gut
krampus gonna keep ya humble
bloody rabbits feet cant keep ya in luck.

brazen so brazen tossin sticks on the brazier
traitorous trading im lost sick and lazier
flame to the hay then hey he is hazier
than an oily windowpane finger print stained and sure
people drop out when they hear its not all about them
needles points south tell em norths all around them
magnets cant work when your floating in space
gloating about all your silver and lace
sucked towards the hole it is grey, getting darker
rapidly sinking and swimming gets harder
pulling and pushing, cant fight the current
currently nervous you're free of the nervous ticks
ticks and it tocks and the clocks fall apart
oiled them well with blood from their hearts
its much too sticky it rusted and reddened
you burned in gasoline cheap and unleaded
reindeer run rampant and children throw snowballs
killing the lion kings dodging the role call

santa is just satan jumbled
he got a present for you its a kick to the gut
krampus gonna keep ya humble
bloody rabbits feet cant keep ya in luck.

scuse me spare a dime?
hows your mother doin? good? fine?
remember that guy that used to stumble back and forth around here
was he drunk or just blind?
good times, gooood times
whered all the time go?
its midnight already
we were supposed to meet here at 11, 10 years ago
you just.. didnt show up.
ready? alright
ready, aim... hold.... hold....
sorry i put you on hold for so long
i was reading about the weather.
its gonna be sunny on saturday
look forward to it
i saw her last sunday, she was in the ground like last monday
i brought her a bouqet of flowers
by the time she got there they were dead
and i was left scratching my head
i saw her again last tuesday
she was running around in my dreams
she laughed and we danced
but for some reason i woke up in the middle of a
blood curdling scream
it was me.
i don't scream.

santa is just satan jumbled
he got a present for you its a kick to the gut
krampus gonna keep ya humble
bloody rabbits feet cant keep ya in luck.