Slack Addict

by Swamps Ack

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released April 5, 2011



all rights reserved


Swamps Ack Honolulu, Hawaii

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Track Name: Wind 'n Waves
dont even think about ending that sentence ill bend you over give ya homo erectus
on your knees pleading please jesus help us
get a little bit of self respect you're all helpless
i get a feelin sometimes like im reliving my crimes when i turn off the lights and shut the lids on my eyes it tends to block out the vision flashing pictures of a life that seemed better than mine it was mine fuck my mind
if every dinner were a black tie affair id say to hell with dinner i gotnothing to wear
aware of implications imply id be there but funk dat i aint a flunky im a junky with flair
and im a bad boy i do what i want, except for most everything i aint gonna front
ive got nothingbut a load of opinions but i know to hold em in though beware of thhe minions

so everyone should learn martial arts
it might help ya kick martian arse
and everyone learn how to speak in tongues
itll help ya look crazy as fuck
everyone should try go to church
so you can learn we were born to serve
everyone is an assholes slave
that kills people with wind and waves

if you're republican thats fine with me
i hope you die of an awful disease
if you're a democrat say what you mean
i want my money back gimme dat green
if you're a christian listen to me ill let ya denounce your god for a one time fee.
if you're an atheist bum a subgenius welcome to the club lets all show our penis
is what you want out life to be caged? to serve nothing for somethingness sake?
ok well im gonna get baked, get drunk fall over into firey lakes take a swim
part soft party on party too hard start yelling that your mothers a tard
amen and thank you lord, you lead a million fuckin dummies and most of em armed
i wave a flag cuz im so patriotic, they say prayers an antibiotic
and this pneumonia wont go away but i cough and i pray and i die as i pray.
Track Name: experience silence
deepakchopra kinda
Track Name: big bad willy or something or other
slick it on the sides like a son of a bitch
switchin out my blade for coke
sniff it till i feel like a son of a bitch
slit your motherfucking throat

just gonna break a rib
just enough so that i could fit
slip in like a hand in a glove
lord send me pork rinds from above
drip drip like a faucet bitch
leaking freak on a gothic chick
in the dim cant tell a thing
bored of the whores im a lord of the rings
45 and pop them caps
straight up like a whiskey jack
take bourbon down my throat
scare em off send em running home
that mans a mess they say
hes a fucking great mate they say
i say hey fucking hey
fuck you and fuck your face
got a smile like a sewer pipe
im the shit bitch screw your type
coming home with me tonight
im gonna make you regret your life
say what?
30 years beers alcoholic
fuck this badge i bought it
aint gonna throw that all away
i worked 30 years to get this way
got swag like im falling down
bitch niggas try to run my town
ill fight everyone motherfucker!
im big bad willy or something or other
Track Name: silly soul eater
made up stuffs
Track Name: Machinations
thought i gave you warnings but you would ignore me, wouldnt u didnt you chump?
load a single bullet in the gun and pull it, expect a click instead of pop pop pop
im a russian gambling addict, pressure makes me slack automatic
you might be a lass with a tragic past// but alas i aint empathetic
and your problems mean shit to me, got my own of the nth degree
99 of them might be bitches not a one of them between you and me
fact of the matter is i dont even really exist, evaporating at the rate of a puddle of piss miss
could i bend your ear for just a moment, im fuckin sick on theverge of homeless
ness in that dress you look like quite the prize, but i got parasites eating my insides
and i fight to survive and id like to thrive but i can't with her waving her hands in my eyes
and i stammer like a jammed up rifle, im backwards as a christian bible
fuck mohammed akbar ala king, like a 12 year old girl being fitted for a wedding ring

she dont care about your machinations
she got something more
she got imagination
you dont give a fuck about her imagination
you got something else
you got pure frustration

and you spin with your hands on the side of your head and yell with your fingers plugged in your ears
try to block out the sounds and lights and the voices the noises cuz fuck the fear
but death just wont go away cuz this d is straight tenacious
outta breath on the side of the highway gripping your bag full of aspiration
less patience than a courtroom doctor wishin you were ten playin cops and robbers
but your not yes this is reality, grind after grind followed by a fatality
at the very least you got family, fucked up with dysfunctionality but to sit and complain is a bane and you know that you love em even if theyre insane
cut deeper no one gives a shit cleanup that aisle dick, do i hear a tiny violin? my violence stems from idle sins
so at the risk of being exposed i propose a proposition that you wont condone
build a militia and defend my life, shoot you dead i dont need a wife.
Track Name: Sink
I will break it with rage, is nothing sacred these days?
I'll sharpen daggers for necks, this darkness darkens the staggering breaths

Swimming to the end, swimming to a friend you hope
grabs you by your feet drags you to the deep you go
flounder for your breath, round the corner, death you drink
down to the abyss slowly losing wits you sink

Bleed out, feed doubts, regret
when this evil genius erects a statue of himself a selfish toast he needs most
scratches on his face from angry ghosts
Track Name: The Draft
hey little girl on a mountain of stress nice to see you again
here i am in a dungeon again perfect timing my friend
out in the world they are gathering men and im dodging the draft
hey little girl in the dungeon again nice to hear your laugh

ive missed the ever changing way you change yourself
its all a gamut of the damned you need no help
maybe if we spike the punch with holy arsenic
theyll all be too busy choking on their bitter spit
fuck em

hey little one that keeps pulling my heart, you're a genius at worst
shining a light that burns through the dark, such a meaningful curse
there they stand with their fingers to point, because theyre jaded and jealous
cut em off like yakuza employed, theyre ashamed overzealous
fuck em

ive missed the way you joke i love to fuck around
i wouldnt mind going deaf if you couldnt make a sound
and everyone pretends that they dont want us around
ill take their heads off one by one and stuff em in the ground fuck em

hey little girl im in love with the way that you're holding your own
i have nothing to pick when it comes to this i am lacking a bone
every bone in my body it aches i don't give a fuck
i am a hole and you are my ace, gonna change my luck

hey little girl on a mountain of stress nice to see you again
here i am in a dungeon again perfect timing my friend
out in the world they are gathering men and im dodging the draft
hey little girl in the dungeon again nice to hear your laugh
Track Name: Hey Bitch
there were times when i was gathering speed and mass too fast like a snowball goin down hill
as the other times were happening to me i was crackin into pieces and shattering dreams like oh well
and the ice it didnt stand a fuckin chance i was full of petulance in a rocketship speedin towards hell
when it melted i was thirsty as a plant in the desert in the sand, spinnin pistols at the ok corral
like clint eastwood or maybe john wayne, with a fistful of heat smokin barrels in the rain
launch attacks with my mind i aint blind to the games snort anthrax lines doing kicks of the crane
im a karate kid quicker than miyagi the whole cobra dojo runs from teriyaki
but a wheel without a spoke is just a fucked up joke when i spoke i would feel like i was morally broke
a bank is just a storage unit waiting to be robbed in the wild wild west the wildest dont need a job
in the void there is nothing in the void there is all and my voice is the void dont avoid my call

hey bitch would ya be my bitch
hey ho would be my ho
hey girl could ya scratch my itch
its ok aint nobody gotta know
hey ho would u be my bitch
hey bitch would u be my ho
im as rich as jaden smith
so get on your knees and proceed to blow

but when i look into your eyes they are kalei do scopic and i cant turn away but hey why would i stop it
theu tend to pull me in i am just an object bending to your will now i dont feel godless
god is such a strong word maybe i am a prophet profit from your love fuck a bank ill rob it
bustin caps at the people in the projects swingin from streetlamps tarzans on it
to be so bold you could be my hazy jane we could hijack control of the craziest train
murderous couriers delivering pain yelling out warriors come out and play
my name is mr plisken im ready to risk it, escape to LA with a bag full of biscuits
broke as a thing that would need alot of fixin, kill everyone that flirts with ya end up in sing sing
coast to coast like my name was george noory screamin weird shit like alex jones tellin stories
goin crazy cuz you made me this way with the way that you look and the things that you say.

its a relative grace just waiting for a fall in the negative space is the strength of my walls
Track Name: Spaghetti Western



Track Name: Golden Claw
woulda ya break my fall
im a very merry fellow
but i get a creepy feeling
that the end is creeping up
coming for us all

sell it
build it up for all
when it crashes through the ground
crushing every level down
coming for us all

i will break my back
red eyed little pussy gonna scratch out my vision
my the caterect

so you bend now
to the golden claw
just like every other sucker
motherfucker outta luck
coming for us all
Track Name: Never Met
though we've never met i will love you once again
and look back on the shit that i know we're gonna get into
it hasn't happened yet, but ill hold you in the end
even if we make a split. i wont dip ill be back again

down on the docks in virginia
watchin the fireflies blink out
lookin in your eyes, head empty of lies devoid of any doubt
the way your smile kills me
im gonna feel like a zombie
make me wanna laugh others might not understand the appeal of your voice but it calms me
asleep in the middle of golf course
after making love for hours on the 8th tee
lie to cops when theyre writing out the report
crackin up as the motherfuckers chase me
to the cheap motel that we stopped at
but with us it feels like a castle
our vacations have plans, you know we roll like that
more bakin than their pans can handle

you're eyes they bite like a rattlesnake
just one look and im a goner
everything i say becomes half baked
your personal japanese suicide bomber
your like a neurological poison
my muscles tense up and i can't move
remembering the time i first went between your thighs
told myself that i would never argue
past present and future stands still
when your lips are in my presence
i would gamble all my coins for the miniscule chance
that it might come up all sevens
i know we havent really met yet
and i know the best is yet to come
even when the best is over ill be leaning on your shoulder gigglin and drunk on rum
Track Name: Aegis
shield over my heart
break away
the aegis darkens my brain
weilding the spark
of rage
the aegis stays in place

in the misty morning air
my life became unloaded
in an argument an flare
the flame came to hold it
and it burnt right through her hair
death does come ripping
and that blank and lifeless stare
forever haunts my living

shield over my heart
break away
the aegis darkens my brain
weilding the spark
of rage
the aegis stays in place

and a cold decrepit finger
beckons me forth into the sea
the old memories linger
like a form of hurried sorcery
and laughter is release
release cant come too quickly
there may not be relief
until im old and sickly

but love, will decipher
the ancient text
and love may well destroy my self respect
and love is what i felt for her
and love is not a worthless curse
id give the rest of my life
just to see yoy one more time
you wouldnt want this of me
and that is why i feel diseased
Track Name: Total Bummer
Go away, sunny day
Go away, sunny day

All the horny people sitting
In front of their TV and thinkin'
What is wrong with me? I'm not a monster
Why won't anybody fuck me
I don't wanna live life lonely
Why does everyone have to be perfect?

Go away, sunny day
Go away, sunny day

All the barfly's sippin' whiskey
Fighting ever present pitty
Wondering what they keep sucking back for
Is it the drink or trepidation
Watching all trains leave the station
Left standing alone without a ticket

You light up my life
You give me hope
To carry on
You light up my days
And you, you light up my life

Stop searching cause there's no answer
Just a long ride of disaster
There's no simple way to stop the sadness
Life's not fair I'm glad it's not
This isn't heaven just a lonely
Planet on the verge of self-destruction