by Swamps Ack

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released August 22, 2011



all rights reserved


Swamps Ack Honolulu, Hawaii

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Track Name: All eyes on we
go on with the flippin and the floppin
the flappin of your lips kids im rappin bout your business
wrap it up take it home its left over
nobody ate it fed it to rover ruff ruff
i know its rough when you cant make connections
down on a knee spitting at your own reflection
take a lesson from your own great leader
its a blessing that shes leaving otherwise
we'd need to beat he.r/ him she he who what
shut the front door coming from the back
on my back on the floor laughing at the voices
screamin in my core
your choices made it all the more

funny as hell
eatin dinner weiners
before the dinner bell
stuff my self
ativan helps
keep it real close
as i toast to your wealth
fair enough sir hope your doing well
im doin fine im not burnin in hell
little bit of time
uprise from the sea
bitches realize all eyes on we

fuck a decision all up in its face sir
i am indecision a presidential racer
race to the point of blacking out when i taste her
spit the gum out it already lost its flavor
versions of this happen every single moment
of my unblinking living existence in my soul it
sells me short and im always sold quickly
quick quick to the simply god damn shifty
shift to the time when its fine and im nifty
search through the rubble for 2 buck 50
down that 40 and in 30 or 15
stumble to the bank singin this bitch left me
Track Name: Tropic of Freak
the freak
burn you to ashes
as he creeps
through your broken home
and the meek
dont stand a chance kids
freak he gnashes
all blood and bones
die young and tragic
in defeat
fights no one knows
and his wings
clipped for our safety
still hell rip our lazy
asses from our thrones

light the arrow
bow raises
release on my call
the beast he will fall to me
Track Name: Son Of The Sun
holy moly im stucck on exploding
digging through mmuch of this muck and im holdin on
to the hope that don't end up broken
crown on the ground pick it up im king fuck up a son
of the sun under rays of the light pounds down on the leaves
too bright for these eyes round me
in the trees hear the crackling pavement non existent
stick to the spackling please somebodys gotta patch what i ruined
holes in the bag lettin out all the fluid
and i swear to the gods above that i wont say a word im disturbed by their love

so gimme me free gimme fight gimme SHUT THE FUCK UP
GIMME love gimme light gimme all of the above
Track Name: Six Bullets Tainted
Teriyaki Tully
and just when you thought it was over, fear's just around the corner.
and just when you feel content, fear it will bring the end, and when all seems fine and dandy you will choke on the poisoned candy. Just when you think that you know her, everyone will show you they own her. Six bullets flying, one after the other, 4 end up dead we never quite left each other.
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Teriyaki Tully they can't see through glass fogged by the heat, their vision is blurred their minds getting weak, we should be a union, god damned undivided. we preech to the few we believe they will buy it. agendas be damned hellbound and forsaken, for we are the broken, the jaded, the tainted.
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Track Name: Down
maybe one day you will want to take my hand
and maybe one day youll be toready to go steady
and maybe one day we will dance under the moonlight
definitely babe when ithappens you woont wanna fight.
maybe one day you will see that im the one for thee
and maybe one day you might wanna let me on your waterbed
and if thats not the case, its alright im used to bein let

down. down down... im down... im down,,, down....

maybe i might be the tha guy ya just kinda like
maybe i might be the one tonight the only light
maybe ill be the one you want the one you sought
maybe we werent meant to be, and its sad indeed
but ill be alright, dont wanna fight, im done with that
ill be just fine im dead to rights, wont end my life.
and all through the town, my whistle it will resound
and marks on the ground, the only mark that ill leave around im

down... down down.... im down... im down.... imdown
Track Name: Live
look and see through the landscapes and trees we found a way
take free, breaking a stake for our own wooden leg
and time, a concept my mind just will not relate to
fault lines, cracks in the walls of the castle i made you

destroy, kill and kill and kill and kill again
destroy kill and kill and kill and live my friend

potluck, bring me cocktail make it a molotov
just trust, i will not twist you im nothing but full of love
dumptrucks, throw them my body im firing like an avtomat
dumb fucks blow me down hotty lost before i ever fought.

destroy, kill and kill and kill and kill again
destroy kill and kill and kill and live my friend
Track Name: The Clock
we wake up late and bake awake put our feet on and take a break
and striding long fast far and strong to the bars where drunk will take control
and laughing with and at and chat about that while we plot and steal
evil thoughts come dance across my hostile mind lost and waiting just to heal
45 armed shadow men enter at once and take us to the ground
10 at night the clock will strike the fuse will light time tickin down

the bomb will boom and we will see the end before the end sees us
the night will light and crack the sky in fractal images and dust
will be thrown into the air like clay pigeons blastinng seconds after where
are we to go if we survive we shall not live alive is just a line/lie
and when i look into your eyes ill mouth the words we cannot die.
and when i look into your eyes ill mouth the words we will not die.
Track Name: Hereafter
down on one knee gently pushing forward
grittin his teeth like a man with no name
25 years endless beers and some horrors
foreword reads, do not clamber for fame
shoes kicking up, and blood pouring down
all but those fucking ugly vampires, will drown

laughing while dying dying of laughter
rusty and fucked up a gutter hereafter
Track Name: Balance
on edge like a kiddy on ritalin
adderall not at all pour the liqour in
benzos up the nose and im gigglin
three or four more of those and im skippin in
whistlin in the wind on a high
in the ditches when im low im alright
cynical midday midnight make not this be make this not right
words stumped and tongue is tied
all black and white blindin bright in a black light
less speed brake now its slight
delicately changin my mind
so gently up my spine feelin it crawl doin 25 lines
difficult its a criminal crime, you aint sly now step in line

from the dhs to phds beggin please make me feel at ease
welfare and fair disease leave ya out to freeze bring to your knees
inside like a hermit crab, bloody meat just a fuckin slab
off beat when ya try to rap, crack a joke and nobody laughs
try to stab back gonna need a laugh track marks on your arm and a needle filled backpack
euphoric are you for it, im fulla feellin good your fulla horse shit
theres a welcome mat at the doorstep, bout as inviting as an abortion
dont worry dont distort this. find me some opiates before im reported.

its all about finding that, perfect balance
im all about finding out the chemicals i can depend on
its all about finding that, perfect balance
when im filled with doubt, i just even out
Track Name: d - The Human Fridge
please my dear
hold me near
im sincere
ill let go soon

down my sweet
on our knees
flash those eyes
at me

this last flight
then all black
for all time

i dont mean to be so cold
but into the flames you go
ill freeze you in my hold
then into the flames you go
im the human fridge

restless sleep
none too deep
it will reap
us all

so laugh for me
dance with me
swim to me
and drown

dont fight to breathe
go with the sea
and let yourself
burn out
Track Name: feet planted